Jazz Fusion trio with Felipe Perez and Francisco Manzano

Here's an original of mine entitled "Woodle" I wrote a while ago and preformed for the first time with these guys at El Legado Jazz Restobar en Valdivia, Chile.

An original of Pancho's entitled "Chichi," El Legado, Valdivia

"Cherokee" with sax maestro Guido Ruiz, El Legado, Valdivia

Sonora Perro Alimento

This cumbia 'sonora' (band) is a group of friends I met when I was living in La Union, Chile. Chilean Cumbia is all about dancing and having a good time and these guys have become some of my best friends in Chile. If you're interested in hearing more awesome Chilean Cumbia, check out these guys Chico Trujillo

These recordings are from a show we did in Puerto Nuevo, a beach near La Union. This one - "La Medallita"

One of my personal favorites, "Pasto Seco." See the original video here .
"You turn me on with soothing water, my love, you turn me on with water like on dry grass."
"Why doesn't this girl wanna dance with me? Could it be because I'm too fresco?"
"It's a lie what they say mom and dad, it's a lie how they say I'm fresco"

My friend (and the singer for Perro Alimento), Pablo Guarda singing "Take me out to the ball game"

"Lamento Boliviano" - An impromptu jam in an apartment in Valparaiso.