The Cumbieros

The Cumbieros play Chilean-style cumbia. La banda es un conjunto de gringos y latinos que tiene su base en Seattle. Conocí el grupo por destino en 2012 después de vivir por un año en Chile. The band specializes in exciting, dance-oriented shows that all ages and nationalities can enjoy. The group has recorded three albums, available on streaming platforms. While most original compositions are written by singer César Peña, I have written a couple songs for the band, including El Perro. The band continues to play regularly in Seattle, so check the band's Facebook for the next show. Here's a video of us live and streaming at The Seamonster Lounge in Seattle in 2023 :

Dyno Jamz, 2007-2011

The Dyno Jamz album (feat. singer Ray Dalton)

Dyno Jamz was an 8-10 member hip-hop and jazz group. We played original songs powered by the lyrics of MC Turtle Toes and a 4-member brass section. The group won EMP's Sound Off! Battle of the Bands in 2009 and blasted/elevated many UW house parties over the years. The band picture below, by Nick Simmons, was taken in my and Nick's garage in 2009. Fun fact: it was December and we were freezing; Nick had to edit clouds of our breath out of the final photo.

Dyno Jamz at home

Hot Grebe Summer

Hot Grebe Summer was Elan Ebeling, Brent Generous, Clarke Reid, and Brian Greggs. Born before Covid, we were finally able to perform for a couple house parties in 2022-2023. And we had a great time practicing together as friends. Here's an original I wrote, with French poetry feature from Preston!:

The Language of Music Project

Music is an international language! For this project, I've interviewed and recorded musicians in many different countries I've traveled to. I try to do one whenever I travel to a new place, but the bulk of these were from 2011-2016.

Mix Tape

Mix Tape was an acappella quartet consisting of Kenzie Gauthier, Elan Ebeling, Clarke Reid, and Scotty Bemis. We sang covers of classics like Billy Joel's "The Longest Time," and jazz standard "They Can't Take that Away from Me." Here are videos of us doing a Winter Wonderland jazz soli arranged by Scotty and Pentatonix' Video Killed the Radio Star with me on solo!

SPG and the Vices

SPG and the Vices was Stefan Paul George, Clarke Reid, and Sam McDonald. We played folk-and-soul-influenced rock, with compositions by singer Stefan, and electrifying live shows. Here's "Living Spree," filmed at my and Stefan's house in Wallingford:

Turtle and the Snare, 2013

Turtle and the Snare was a live hip-hop band centered around Turtle Toes and featuring a few other former Dyno Jamz members. Here's "Love" from a show at Barboza in Seattle.

Spain Trio, 2015

I lived and taught in Spain for two years. I recorded a short album of original compositions with my trio there, and featuring a variety of other talented musicians and artists. Here's a jazz classic featuring my Sevilla busking partner Cherie on vocals:

UW Modern Jazz Band, 2008-2010

During my junior and senior years at UW, I played in the UW modern jazz ensemble directed by Cuong Vu. We played some Cuong Vu originals, some creative interpretations of pop songs, and a lot of originals written by people in the group.

Expansion - My last quarter at UW, spring 2010, we preformed this 45 minute piece the whole band wrote together based loosely on the History of the Universe.

Here's a composition of mine played by the group, "Mind Machine":

Big Fun, 2008-2013

Big Fun was a rock group with Stefan Paul George, Clarke Reid, and David Boman. Here's a demo we recorded - "Lost in the Static."

Clarke Reid Solo

Here's a pop/rock tune I wrote and recorded myself in 2008: